Kaewa Tours values

Kaewa Tours values

By living these values, we ensure our team can confidently and delightfully serve our clients.

Our helpful and non-judgmental approach allows us to provide a welcoming experience, while our fun-loving and secure environment ensures every interaction is special and unique.

This commitment to our staff directly translates into exceptional and unforgettable private tours for our customers.

Our values are key to our success, so with that in mind, we take our company values seriously.  They form the fabric of who we are. From our recruitment practices, through to how we lead and work with our people and customers, we ensure our values resonate and fit with our people.

The following behaviours are where we focus on bringing our values to life:



  • At Kaewa Tours we actively support and encourage each other, offering help and positive reinforcement.
  • We regularly express gratitude and appreciation for team members’ efforts and contributions.
  • We ensure everyone feels included and valued, promoting a sense of belonging.




  • Our people offer help before it is asked for, anticipating the needs of both clients and colleagues.
  • We work collaboratively with others, sharing knowledge and resources to achieve common goals.
  • We naturally actively seek solutions to challenges and provide practical support to resolve issues efficiently.



Fun Loving:

  • Everyone in the Kaewa Tours team embraces a positive enthusiastic attitude to work, contributing to a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • We celebrate achievements and milestones together, fostering a sense of joy and camaraderie.
  • We embrace a playful approach to tasks when appropriate, promoting creativity and reducing stress.




  • Our people embrace and respect diverse perspectives, avoiding judgment or criticism of others.
  • We offer feedback in a constructive and supportive manner, focusing on improvement rather than blame.
  • We listen to others with an open mind, valuing their experiences and viewpoints without preconceived notions.




  • We ensure a physically and emotionally safe environment where everyone feels secure and respected.
  • Together, we foster trust through consistent, honest, and transparent communication and actions.
  • We support each other in taking risks and trying new things, providing reassurance and backing them up.
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